Deejo 37g Knife

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Bicycle Ebony - Designed for you ​​by Deejo: give in to the call of the road.

Biker Ebony - Bikers will find themselves in this motif originally inspired for them.

Coral Black - The red warmth of Coral wood contrasts finely here with this Deejo all in black as a necessity of elegance.

Roses Coral Black - Is there a more universal symbol than the rose? Beautifully underscored on a Deejo in nuances of black enhanced with a handle of Coralwood, this is assuredly a knife that cuts.

Serrated Black Topography Coral - A Deejo to accompany all your walks, the serrated blade will be particularly appreciated for those difficult cutting tasks.

Ski Juniper Black - Keep the style on a break as on the slopes!

Terra Incognita Olive - A Deejo knife to go far. A beautiful blade to stay the course in voyages afar or explorations within.


Ebony Wood

Ebony wood, visually appreciated for its deep blacks, possesses the particularity of being virtually insensitive to humidity. This species of wood is thus the densest, the most resistant, and the most precious, ideal for this magnificent piece of cutlery.


Coralwood (or Padauk) is an abundant wood traditionally used in cutlery for its exquisite red and amber highlights, its robustness, and its exceptional resistance to humidity. Coralwood exquisitely highlights the elegance of a Deejo knife.

Juniper Wood

Solid juniper wood handle slab.Juniper is a naturally fragrant wood with a light, peppery smell. Carved into arabesques in shades of gray, each delicately veined handle makes your Deejo a preciously unique piece.

Olive Wood

Olive wood, known for its robustness and antibacterial qualities is a classic of cutlery. Widely used by its admirers for the beauty of its natural veins, each piece is unique according to the tree from which it was crafted, illuminating your Deejo with superb arabesques of beige, without the fear of moisture or time.

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