Masters Trecime Adjustable Carbon Trekking Pole

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A light and foldable pole realized for experts that can appreciate its high potentiality, practicing Trail Running and Ultra-trail running.

In 5 sections: 16 mm e 14 mm in carbon fiber 100%, 12 mm x 2 pz in CaluTech 12mm x 1 pz in AluTech 7075 to assure lightness to obtain maximum performance.

It is assembled with new black Falco grip and ultra light and soft strap. This pole is provided with screwed support with carbide tip and anodized aluminum alloy for a great grip on every kind of terrain, even icy and a light weight.

Push/Pull system assures compactness to the pole when closed and speed both in closing and opening phases, whereas Wing Lock system permits to regulate the extension of the pole in overall safety.

Measures: 35 cm closed – 130 cm max extension (110 cm the minimum).

Weight: 190g

Equipped with: a pair of screwed baskets 55 mm.

Supplied with PA bag to replace poles after use.